While I know all human organizations are going to have scandals and controversies, the recent uncovering of the Catholic Church has gone beyond “a few bad actors.” Everyday we learn more about systematic cults of pedophilia within the leadership. At this point, without a massive rooting of leadership and change of “tradition,” I don’t see it recovering.

Even outside the Catholic institutions, I still wish I could go back to church, as I miss the community, but my LGBTQ family has been unwelcome. Some say “be a positive influence” but that kind of culture war and emotional abuse is not something I could force children into.

I think our generation will miss church, and it’s loss is sad. While many of us feel “free” from the abusive traditions, the good parts are lost as well. Where else are we to get strong community, a place to share our struggles and encourage each other? We may be the most tolerant generation, but we are quickly becoming the loneliest.

I don’t have a solution, but I’m hoping we find one…

A practical mystic, a paltry poet, and a prolific ponderer. I write about the intersections of mental health, social justice, and Scripture.